Monday, March 19, 2007

it's final!

we're going to bohol!

here's the plan:

we're going to meet up in cebu on April 4. iroll, eyado, my sister tisha, and i will be going to cebu by plane. we'll be taking the first flight.

aya who will come from butuan will travel by sea. we'll meet up somewhere in cebu and then go to bohol as a group!

aside from chocolate hills, loboc river, and tarsiers, what else should we be excited about? any recommendations?


julie said...

Nikoy, my hubby is from Bohol. If you are into something old and religious, it is Holy Week naman, try visiting the old churches like Baclayon. My FIL was once a parish priest there and he founded the school beside the church. Also, try the Hinagdanan Cave, Mag-aso Falls, Sagbayan Peak in Chocolate Hills, Man-made Forest, Loboc River Boat ride and go take a dip at the pristine white sand beaches there. Send me an email so I can give you the number of hubby's cousin who has a van that can be rented during your stay there. He will be able to take you to the places where you want to go. Do you have a place to stay na? Email me, asap.

lino said...

uy, ayus yan ah... balak din namin magpunta dyan, siguro pagkatapos ng camiguin namin sa May...:)

Sidney said...

Bon voyage! Enjoy your vacation.
I wasn't in Bohol yet ! :-(

Ukaya Explorer Nikoy said...

teacher julie! thank you po. we'll make sure that we visit the places you mentioned. we'll be staying at eyado's family's ancestral house. his parents are from bohol.

hi lino. the best ang lanzones sa camiguin! nag enjoy talaga ako ng todo nung 1st time kong nakapunta sa camiguin. aabangan ko pics nyo sa blog mo.

hi sid. thank you.